10 Years

Skyharbor, From Day One

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10 Years

Despite the band’s inscrutable name, 10 Years’s eighth studio album, (How to Live) as Ghosts (2017), is more relatable than ever. At the end of the day the five members of 10 Years just want to make music that says something about the mortality, numbness and shock of real life — and that comes through on stage. Seeing a 10 Years live show is your ticket to a moody, melancholic and mesmerizing alt-rock experience that shows clear influences from some of their heroes — and touring partners — like Sevendust, Mudvayne, Korn and Disturbed. 10 Years tours include 2017 (How to Live) as Ghosts, 2014-2017 From Birth to Burial and 2011-2014 Minus the Machine. 10 Years’s first single released in 2005, “Wasteland,” was also their only song to hit No. 1 on Billboard’s U.S. Alternative charts, making it arguably their biggest hit. The 10 Years album Division (2008) was also a hit, peaking at No. 2 on Billboard’s US Alternative Albums chart and No. 12 on the Billboard 200. The next album, Feeding the Wolves (2010) did almost as well, hitting No. 3 on the alternative charts and No. 17 on the Billboard 200, and every album till 2017 has appeared on both charts.

10 Years Background

The original members of 10 Years came together in Tennessee in 1999, with lead singer Mike Underdown, drummer Brian Vodinh, Lewis Cosby on the bass, and both Ryan Johnson and Matt Wantland on guitar. Personnel shuffles started almost immediately and have continued throughout the years. For the 2017 (How to Live) as Ghosts tour, the lineup featured Jesse Hasek — now well-established as the voice of 10 Years — on lead vocals, Brian Vodinh on guitar instead of drums, Matt Wantland back on guitar, Chad Huff (who previously played the guitar) on bass, and Kyle Mayer on drums. The band members are defiantly coy about exactly where their band name originated. At first, they’ve said in interviews, the name’s significance was so personal that they deliberately kept it to themselves. Over the years, that ambiguity allowed fans to find their own meaning in the name, so it’s unlikely that the members of 10 Years will ever disclose their true origin story. Instead, they’ll continue to step back and let their music speak for itself.


“Break your elastic chains of convention. Escape your mental prisons and run, heart open to synchronous possibility, towards the sun. Skyharbor have. Join them.

-John Whitmore / The Circle Pit

From a file on a computer sitting in New Delhi, to a full-fledged touring band with members from around the world formed over the internet – Skyharbor have defied convention every step of the way. The debut album ‘Blinding White Noise’ was released worldwide in 2012 to critical acclaim, and earned the band a dedicated fan following across the globe. Since then, Skyharbor have been performing regularly around the world and making waves with their distinctive brand of sweeping, ethereal prog-rock, releasing ‘Guiding Lights’ in 2014 after a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign. After a brief patch of turbulence that saw new frontman Eric Emery and drummer Aditya Ashok solidify the band’s lineup, Skyharbor embarked on a series of tours around the world, covering North America, Europe, UK and India. The future is especially promising in 2017 as a new album with Emery approaches its release and the band look set to hit even bigger stages as they march into the future.

From Day One

IN THE BEGINNING, WE ARE BORN INTO THIS EARTH – INNOCENT. NOT KNOWING THE PRESSURE OF STRESS, NOR THE EVILS THAT HUMANITY IS CAPABLE OF. WE JUST KNOW TO EMBRACE LIFE. OUR HOPE IS THAT IT WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING SHORT OF EXTRAORDINARY. THEREFORE… WE ARE IN THE DARK FROM DAY ONE. Describing their music as “uplifting, killeriffic music that inspires the listener to hope and love”,  From Day One boasts a sound that fits well with bands like Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace “but with more of a Skillet/Red attitude”, as they explain. After forming in Russellville , Arkansas in 2006.In 2009 the band continud to play shows and work on their songwriting and in August 2009,foremly going by the name Dark From Day One played their largest show to date, at “Edgefest” with Korn, Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Static-X and Bury Your Dead among others.Then won battle for “Edgefest 6” in May of 2010 and played with Godsmack,Rob Zombie,Five Finger Death Punch and more. The band released their debut full length “The Fire Within” in early 2010, and soon after inked with renowned US Management and Artist Development Firm, The Inner Light Agency (iLA). “I’m very excited about this partnership and proud to be working with Dark From Day One,” says Damon Moreno of iLA. Then wonBATTLE FOR EDGEFEST 7 and opened up for THREE DAYS GRACE,AVENGED SEVENFOLD,STONE SOUR,SKILLET,THEORY OF A DEADMAN,HALESTORM,SEVENDUST on April 23,2011. Plus their first single “New Addiction” can be purchased for download on ROCKBAND NETWORK for Xbox 360 and did a 9 week college radio campaign across 350 colleges across the United States summer of 2012. Their record “The Fire Within” remained number #7 in Wakuesa, WI, #11 in Newton, MA, and #23 in Staten Island, NY for 9 weeks straight. Topping the charts over acts such as KORN, LAMB OF GOD, along with other current hard rock releases. They have toured nationally. In July of 2017 the band decide to drop “Dark” from the name  to just simply FROMDAYONE. “They’re were a lot of radio stations that wouldn’t give us a second look because they thought based off of the name DARKFROMDAYONE that we were some kind of death core band, and that’s hella cool but not us. We are about love ,fun, and positivity.” Said founder/guitarist Natal John. FROM DAY ONE’S  new record “Without A Trace” was released worldwide Tuesday, September 19,2017 available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

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